Methio Form Chew Tabs 500 mg 150 cnt bottle
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500 mg 150 cnt bottle -- Methio Form Chew Tabs Chewable form of DL-methionine for acidifying the urine of cats and dogs.... Read More

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K+BroVet Chew Tabs (Potassium Bromide) Liver Flavor 500 mg 60 cnt bottle
Description: 500 mg 60 cnt bottle -- K+BroVet Chew Tabs (Potassium Bromide) was developed to provide a reliable source of potassium bromide. Potassium bromide has long been recognized as an excellent anti-convulsive for the alleviation of canine seizure disorders and is often considered the first option for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. K Bro Vet has also been formulated with B vitamins to support healthy neurological function. K BroVet can be used in conjunction with other therapies, including phenobarbital, or alone, as the sole anti-convulsive. Unlike phenobarbital, bromide is not a hepatotoxin, making it the treatment of choice for dogs with liver damage. Not for use in cats. Oral solution is butterscotch-vanilla flavored chewable tablets are liver-flavored Oral solution contains Vitamins B12 and B6 tablets contain Vitamin B12

Store: VetApprovedRx Brand: lloyd Price: USD 25.99